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🖌 Paint by Numbers 🎨

What Is Paint By Numbers?

          🍭 Painting by Numbers is a system where a picture is divided into shapes, each marked with a number that corresponds to a particular color. You paint in each shape and ultimately the picture emerges as a finished painting.

How Does It Work? 

           With Paint By Numbers, you can re-create every detail of the paint on your own. You become an artist. 

  • Numbers are indicated on each canvas
  • Each number represents a color of the provided paint pot
  • Fill the numbered space with the corresponding numbered color
  • Follow the numbers; become the painter!

Benefits Of Paint By Numbers

  • 🤹  Reduce work pressure and create fun in life
    🎨  Easy to operate, beautiful oil painting
    🎉  As a gift for friends and family
    👨‍👧‍👧  Exercise children to develop good habits of concentration and concentration
    🏡  Make your room full of art

How To Paint?

  • 1. Unpack your DIY just paint by numbers kit.
  • 2. Lay out your canvas, paints, brushes and instructions. Fill up a small cup of water and get ready!
  • 3. Paint in the numbered area with the corresponding paint.
  • 4. Enjoy, hang, and show off your work of Art!

The Finished Product To Show

Comments from people around the world who love digital oil painting:“Picture of canvas 80% complete. The actual paint dries a bit darker than the picture but still looks great. This is probably a 30+ hour project but, even with rudimentary skills, comes out nice enough to stretch and frame for your wall or give as a gift. Also easy to put away/store as you work on it intermittently. Would definitely recommend trying!”

What’s In The Package?

  • ✅  1x Numbered acrylic-based paint set
  • ✅  1x High-quality canvas
  • ✅  1x Set of 3 paint brushes (small, medium, large)
  • ✅  1x Set of easy-to-follow instructions for use

Painting By Numbers

         This is painting by numbers, the painting is empty, it needs you to finish the artwork. It is very simple! If you choose the painting with frame, there will be a high quality wooden DIY frame and Nails inside. There are many panting sellers, all the pictures look the same, but What are the differences between ours and others’?

😍 Our painting colors are Fresh, Highlight, and most important, they are healthy.

😍 Our Painting canvas is made of high-quality flax, not the cheap white cotton canvas. You know that the oil painting on the flax will be more lifelike. and the red lines will be easier to cover than the black lines

😍 Our Packing is better, will not fold the painting canvas, pack it in roll and we have a big size reference page inside! These are all you will get in the parcel if you choose the Frame. Please have fun with them.

Thanks for your like ! Hope you happy shopping !